I have read many articles about new cars and thinking what should I do with those articles? Some of the cars are my dream car but it seems impossible for me to own new car. May be later, let say five or six years from now. That is the time when my hiumatic is considered as antique. I have to find a suitable replacement. It should be a fast and sporty car if I want to change my ride.

Then I think why don’t I put those articles here, in my own blog for all people to read. They might be expensive and unaffordable for me right now but I’m sure they gonna be used car later. It’s better for me to know from the beginning what sort of car that will be my future car. Reviews about new car are plenty. Not like used car, they even compare some of them by their classes. By this comparison, We get plenty information about performance, features and consumption. It’s better to write them now than later.

To keep the information relevant with our country, I will only quote from reliable source or national magazine. To avoid lawsuit for copyright or any legal action for bringing the article to my blog, I will mention detail information about my source.


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