Welcome to My hiumatic blog!

I create this blog to help ourselves improve our car performance and customization by listening the comments, suggestion from all of you. Your comments, suggestions
will be very helpful to me and I would be very appreciate if you can
post your ideas, comments here.

Thank you!

Q: How much the price for galant?

A: This is grey area. No one can come up with the best answer. Based on my experience, you just have to find standard and then search your own to feel the experience. Check out latest Autobild Magazine and find their list of used car price. This can be your standard. Next, go buy Poskota for daily review. I took months to study the price and buy lots of Poskota. Popular sites like Modcom, for example, is also best alternative.  I paid IDR74.5million for green 1999/2000A/T on Nov 2009. May be you can get better price than me. It all depends on how good car’s condition. For some fanatic, they buy earliest edition of 1998 for cheapest price and swap engine to VR-4’s. Others would be satisfied to buy latest edition to avoid any further repairments. Just information, make sure all interior in the best condition, because replacement price ain’t cheap either.

Q: Fuel consumption?

A: My red hiumatic consumes 5-6 km per liter on urban traffic condition (20 km takes 2 hours of driving). Some will get better like 6-7 km per liter. Some guys from mailing list convince me that they get 8-10 km per liter using shell. Based on my experience, I have to drive 40km every day, except Saturday and Sunday, where I couldn’t predict exactly how far it’d be. I always buy premium full tank every week. Technically, consumption is related to your driving style, aggressive or normal, and your car’s condition.

Q: Spare parts availability and price? Where to buy?

A: Mitsubishi guarantee that they are responsible for that and will continue to provide parts for us. You can buy original parts from them or some of favorite shops of galant user. Just join the community that I’ve already shared for you and they always be happy to help you. Price of original parts are expensive but normal if you realize that this is premium mid-size sedan. Go buy Avanza or Xenia if you’re looking for cheap parts, but you wouldn’t experience speed, power, handling, sporty look or luxury possessed by galant. If you feel the price is issue, KW parts can be option for you. Just make sure that you buy them for right part replacement. Some area like suspension or electricity requires original parts otherwise it won’t stay long. Outside, because regulation, halfcuts are plenty. It’s also good source for cheaper parts. You can buy parts ex-halfcut from recommended local seller or shop, or search your own from internet through forums or e-bay.

Q: How much yearly tax for galant?

Mine is 1999/2000 and I pay IDR1.768.000 this year (2011). Do you have other car in garage? Tax may be different if this is not your only car.


6 Responses to FAQ

  1. david says:

    Bikin blog galantnya spt ini gan
    banyak bgt ilmu yg bs didapet soalnya gak semua nya awam dgn mesin kl suruh baca manual worknya seh bs celeng…he3x

    • david says:

      Oh iya kl bs seh bhs indonesia jadi bs lebih ngerti :p soalnya inggris ane pletat plitut >.<

      • hiumatic says:

        hehehe, maaf obsesi pribadi nih…
        maksudnya biar orang luar juga bisa baca dan komentar. kalo bingung bacanya, bisa pake browser google chrome, trus translate deh ke bahasa Indonesia.

    • hiumatic says:

      wah, kalo gitu sudah tutorial namanya. saya gak mampu dan takut salah gan. kecuali saya yakin dan mengerjakan sendiri, saya usahakan bikin begitu

      • david says:

        iya gan kan banyak anak2x galant yg bs bongkar or tune up galantnya sendiri sekali2x direkam jd bs DIY gt loh…he3x

        tp blog u mantab kok…sukses terus unt blog u…di update terus yah…he3x

      • hiumatic says:

        terima kasih bro. maunya sih DIY, tapi apa daya kemampuan terbatas. mungkin nanti kalo sudah jadi forum, kita undang pakar2 DIY buat nulis dan jadi moderator. sementara cuma mampu begono..hehehe. prioritas blog ini mengajak sebanyak2nya orang buat melihara hiu. yang takut jd berani. yang butuh info2 dasar terjawab pertanyaannya. kalo sudah rumit, saya lempar ke mailing list atau galant room.

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