Other model and market

A. USDM (United States Domestic Market)

Galant in US market is very different from Asian and European model. Interior and exterior is very different. ABS is only installed on 3.0 L model, no digital AC (manual old-fashion AC), different dashboard and door trim. The only accessories that fit and applicable for our galant may be only taillight. Front bumper, grill and headlight is very different and boring look. You must buy those three as a whole if you are interested to put the look on local galant.

First introduced on July, 1998,  USDM galant refresh their model in 2002. Exterior and interior revisions for 2002 led by a new grille and a lower intake lamp design. New aero bumpers and fresh taillights have been installed.

Luckily, our friend in US can customize their look with custom halo projector headlight. Despite the awesome look, you have to give extra effort to put this on our local galant. Not only this is for left driver, but also don’t match with our grill and front bumper. Better think twice because you have to make custom grill and lip to fill the gap under lamp and bumper, or just simply buy USDM version of (not cool) grill and front bumper for instant match. Some complaints about light quality of projector and halo should also be considered. This is seriously not cheap modification.

But if you think that you are kind of like it very much and it is so hard to resist, I suggest you to read this thread until finish. Make sure you know what you’ll be dealing with and ready for the price to pay. I am a kind of having mixed feeling about this my self, so I will let you think about it.


2 Responses to Other model and market

  1. Bimo says:

    a high res of picts, please….

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