Galant VR4 pre-facelift

A. Front Bumper & Fog lamp
B. Grill

Galant VR4 pre-facelift is built by ralliart based on galant V6. Additional power come from a pair of small, efficient turbos, one for each cylinder bank of the 2.5-litre engine, brings output around 160bhp to 260bhp with 267lb ft of torque. This also includes 4 wheel drive (4WD)and Active Yaw Control (AYC) feature.

This model is not exclusively belong to VR4, except emblem on the grill and trunk, you can’t never tell the different from outside. This sporty look is one of the finest modification offered for local galant. Watch out for another car passing by who think you have 6A13TT engine inside, he might challenge you for a race!!  For interior, check out other market page, because VR4 also doesn’t have exclusive model.


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