Galant VR4 facelift

A. Grill
B. Front bumper & Fog lamps
C. Headlight
D. Rear spoiler
E. Taillight
F. Rear bumper
G. Side skirt

If sporty is not enough, how about this model? This model is very popular because VR4 facelift use this model. Look at how extreme front bumper combine with foglamp and nasty grill. It’s a beast. I guarantee you that people will not stop staring at you when you park in front of hotel or mall lobby. Combine with shining paint and right color, people will think that you ride a “near” supercar.

For me, this model is too aggressive. People will get easily challenged and tempted on the street to know how fast your car can be. I don’t think this is match for my daily use car. I don’t think this is a good ride for me when I’m going to wedding party or ceremonial occasion. Pre-facelift is more accepted for me, if I have to change my look. But it is up to you. You decide.

Cibie Headlight
If you are unsatisfied with galant’s headlight quality and look, why don’t you try this original cibie halogen headlight.

What do you think in mind? I am speechless.


4 Responses to Galant VR4 facelift

  1. volfernion says:

    Where you buy this headlights?
    I cant find such nowehere

  2. rishi says:

    where to buy this cibie halogen headlight?

  3. rishi says:

    how to buy this light

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