This is original accessories used by every model galant through all the world. A Fanatic will try every possibility to bring them here and customize their ride.

Basically, correct me if I’m wrong, there are only two bases of galant 8G, JDM and USDM. USDM has different exterior and interior while JDM model is more accepted around the world. But, you don’t really care about that do you? All we need is a fresh look of our ride. Well then if you are looking for something different, not history lesson, I give you three model for your inspiration. Some owners may be have their own opinion about how they’re gonna modify or customize or even tune the car, but I tell you what, take a good look at this first then decide. I think Mitsubishi has done very good job with the look. I doubt you can customize this car even better. Like BMW’s cars, galant is perfect as it is.

A. Galant VR4 pre-facelift

Galant VR4 pre-facelift is built by ralliart based on galant V6. Additional power come from a pair of small, efficient turbos, one for each cylinder bank of the 2.5-litre engine, brings output around 160bhp to 260bhp with 267lb ft of torque. This also includes 4 wheel drive (4WD)and Active Yaw Control (AYC) feature…continue reading

B. Galant VR4 facelift

If sporty is not enough, how about this model? This model is very popular because VR4 facelift use this model. Look at how extreme front bumper combine with foglamp and nasty grill. It’s a beast. I guarantee you that people will not stop staring at you when you park in front of hotel or mall lobby. Combine with shining paint and right color, people will think that you ride a “near” supercar… continue reading

C. Other model from market outside Indonesia

a. USDM (United States Domestic Market)

Galant in US market is very different from Asian and European model. Interior and exterior is very different. ABS is only installed on 3.0 L model, no digital AC (manual old-fashion AC), different dashboard and door trim. The only accessories that fit and applicable for our galant may be only taillight. Front bumper, grill and headlight is very different and boring look. You must buy those three as a whole if you are interested to put the look on local galant…. continue reading


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