My Red Hiumatic

It’s about time that I have to get a new used-car. After my first Civic Ferio 2000 facelift and last Avanza S 1.3, the choices ain’t easy. Let us make a list first:
a. automatic
b. cheap
c. better than civic ferio

First of all, I can’t ride manual transmission. Shame? No, I’m not. This is Jakarta we’re talking about. Every corner of the street is traffic jam. 20km equal to 2 hours of riding. With automatic, driving is fun but manual, it’s a disaster. And I’m not a racer either. So, case is closed. I’m not ashamed. The second is, I really don’t have much money to buy me a new car. Let’s say I buy Xenia, which means impossible since my last car Avanza, and it’ll cost me approx. IDR147 million. Absolutely not a choice for me. I don’t have that much of money. Cheap means IDR80million in this case, so let’s see what next. And last, a far better looking car than civic ferio facelift. Can you give idea? I don’t think so. It’s so hard because Honda is better looking than Toyota in my opinion. Beside, Toyota is more expensive. It only points me to European car. But, you know that European cars don’t fit with Indonesian climate, not to mention their expensive spare parts.

You may assume that from Avanza, I have sufficient budget to buy more than enough. Yes, I have considered Jazz and already pay down payment for the car. But then my plan has changed, so I lost my money on down payment. My target switches to Baleno Next G. This car is worse choice in case of exterior and from lower league compared to Civic Ferrio. It’s not good looking car and the only reason I consider this is just because Baleno more fresh. With same budget, I get newer used car. Somehow, after several test drive, I change to Mitsubishi.

I know that the image of this brand about spare part and fuel consumption are not the same like Toyota and Honda, but I think Mitsubishi is reliable. Think about all those commercials car, like yellow head and pick up. They go to everywhere in Indonesia and I have never heard any complaints about the brand. So, I open Autobild and search for Lancer. Yes, lancer is good and have the same level with civic. But then again, I can’t drive manual. It seems hard for me to find Lancer A/T . I buy Poskota and search every site with only empty handed. That is the time when I search again Autobild and find out Galant is on my budget. It’s even  cheaper.

Now is the time I learn that such car, is worth more expensive when new. This is law of supply and demand.  No rich people will be interested with used car. In the other hand, not-rich people cannot afford maintenance expense of luxury car, even with cheap price. They prefer to buy with higher price for ordinary-no feature-car. So, I try to study Galant through internet and sites, only to find how wonderful its look. I’m so excited to learn more about parts price, fuel consumption and performance. And the result is, I fall in love with the car.


8 Responses to My Red Hiumatic

  1. Nick says:

    Bro, cat full semua gt habis brp? boleh tau?

    • hiumatic says:

      Boleh dong. Itu catnya di Brilliant. Silahkan telp langsung ke Harris, ownernya. Nomor google aja di internet. Harga persisnya lupa, tapi yang pasti diatas 10jt bro..

  2. diyan says:

    Nice style choosen om..
    Harian tapi mengagumkan..
    Keep posting ya 🙂

  3. agung says:

    Om, mohon info, beli splash shield taiwan dimana ya? harga berapa? trims

  4. agung says:

    Saya di malang Om, ini Om Motolola yg di modcom bukan? kalo bukan mohon maaf…rencana mau repaint si hiu, sekalian perbaiki splash shield + mud guard nya. Oya kemarin pakai cat merk apa Om?

    • hiumatic says:

      Bener mas. saya waktu itu repaint di Brilliant. Soal merk cat terus terang saya gak paham. coba cek dan telpon langsung ke pemiliknya. No telp Brilliant banyak kok bertebaran di internet. Nanti sekalian ditanya langsung pake merk cat apa. semoga membantu

  5. iwok||D-008 says:

    nice overall review for this beast brotha….always cherish your Galant…salam mitsu lovers…cherss!!!

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