About me

This is story about me and my red matic galant. I am not technician or expert of car. I am just a person with my beloved car. Since we’ve been through our days together, I think it’s important for me to treat her with care. This blog is also supposed to be source information for other galant owners or someone who’s looking for a new-used car, especially galant. This blog is just a beginning and I’ve dream something more useful in the future, a web and forum for galant 8G.

My Red Hiumatic

It’s about time that I have to get a new used-car. After my first Civic Ferio 2000 facelift and last Avanza S 1.3, the choices ain’t easy. Let us make a list first:
a. automatic
b. cheap
c. better than civic ferio……. continue reading

My Wishlist

I believe that hiu is a perfect car. Almost all shapes on the exterior are amazing for me. But you can never hide some of old looks on his headlight and wheels (OEM). Beside those two, everything is timeless, everlasting or ageless, call it what you will. Yes there are some models that we can copy if you get bored, let say facelift the car, but it depends on your own taste…. continue reading


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