Distributor (Delco) Repairment

My car has started knocking couple months ago. It’d been twice brought to Lautan Berlian without any solution. First, they thought the problem was fuel pump because the symptom was the same. But when they scanned, everything seemed fine. I offered them to change fuel filter but later knocking occurred  again. This time I called them again for the second time.  They couldn’t find anything wrong from engine scanner. They started to inspect another part, not fuel pump and friends, but still no result. I began to wonder whether I should bring my hiumatic to GT Auto.

I told om Yogi about my problem that my engine was knocking every morning and I had to heat up my engine before go, otherwise the engine was off when I moved the gear to D position. Surprisingly, without checking anything he said that it’s my distributor (delco) … and without hesitation on his face. He said that this problem couldn’t be detected by engine scanner. So that’s why Lautan Berlian missed the point. Then he suggested me to buy distributor cap and rotor before he inspected the problem.

Last Saturday, I brought my hiumatic to GT Auto to get my distributor fixed. Here’s the picture of distributor after it was opened.

You could see inside bottom of the cap was worn away by the rotor. I didn’t know how or why this could happen but the fact that the rotor’s electrode color was no longer yellow and some part was missing is the prove that there’s a problem. Compared to replacement cap and rotor in the bottom, on the left side, the cap was without sign of corroded surface.

Beside the cap and rotor, om Yogi also replaced coil and seal/packing distributor. Total bill from GT Auto was IDR 762,000 (including IDR 75,000 for fog lamp installation). The cap and rotor was bought from Pelita Motor Fatmawati, worth of IDR 290,000 and IDR 190,000. Because the price for new OEM part was IDR 2.9 million and used part was IDR 1.5 million, I guessed it’s worth a try. When I left the station, I heard something different from my engine. Usually there’s an irritating friction noise like belt sound but now it’s gone. The sound vanished and made me think the engine was off because it’s very silent. I even turned the engine twice…


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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