Facelift Mission

Most of galant owners probably will choose VR-4 model for their facelift. I think that’s a great choice. Galant VR-4 are the top spec version or flagship of galant. The look is awesome and sporty. I doubt you can customize this car even better. Somehow, the architect of this model has surely created an amazing and everlasting style. I give all the credit to entire team who design this  model. Compare to rival in the same segment like Mazda6 or lower like Honda Civic Type R, neither one can match the high-class appeal of the Galant VR-4’s design, although both come from later era. But the problem is, I don’t think I can accept such extreme model. My car is for daily ride and I’m not young anymore. I need model that refresh my galant but still reflect my personality. I’m afraid if I bring my “VR-4” alike to wedding party or ceremonial occasion, people will wonder how come someone with suit or batik ride such car (unless, I own two cars in my garage, that will be different story).

Actually, I have better option if I pick VR-4’s pre-facelift model. This model looks sporty but not as extreme as facelift model. Unfortunately, this model only give me slight difference – compare to current model – considering the cost I will spend. The changes are almost unnoticeable. I can’t accept the fact that this change requires more than IDR 6,5 million just for front look. That includes front bumper, grill and one piece headlight. In my opinion, one piece headlight doesn’t give me added values in style or light quality. I prefer retrofit using projector than buying this headlight. And the rest of money will be more useful for upgrading sound system and changing worn out leather seat.

I need model as a base of my facelift. I have seen many free style modifications of any cars on the street and none of them is satisfied me. Too much over here and there just ruin something that already great. Not to mention their choice of color, huge spoiler, many exhaust pipes (but only one is working), weird interior, extra large wheels, extremely low profile tires and lowering kit that doesn’t leave space between ground and car. If I were young and naive, that’s possible thing to do. Kids are allowed to make such mistake, but once again I’m an adult. That’s beyond my imagination. So, I decide to pick Lancer EX as my model. I like the color and they call it as Galant Fortis in Japan. That’s exactly the look I wanna be. Of course I don’t change completely like that, but just copy the style. I don’t want people think my car as Lancer wannabe. People will still recognize my car as galant-but looks as facelift version-and not custom style modification.

I have already repainted my hiumatic with red metallic color. Choosing factory color is the best way to avoid cheap and cheesy taste when you mix custom color. I also change my wheel, just like BBS wheel on Lancer Evo X. And I still have three-diamond cap discs from Grandis that make it look like OEM wheels. My last touch is “inverted slant-nose alike” for my custom grill. All I need right now is just couple changes with spoiler on the back and black paint on mirror cover. I’ve got all the materials right now. I have already bought extra trunk for spoiler – so I can instantly back to normal again – and also extra mirrors to paint. After painting job, I will complete this facelift. Just wait and see.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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