NARDI Wood Grain SRS Steering Wheel

Finally I had a chance to try this unique steering wheel. It belonged to Galant Room (Modcom) thread starter. My first impression, it’s kind of cool. Wooden steering wheel was a match with center console panel. Just like luxury car, very classy. For those of you who had never heard about this steering wheel, I gave you little clue. This steering wheel was used by some type of Galant VR-4. I heard that Galant VR-G used this too. But, I didn’t really care about that because this was OEM part. We’re not learning history here, were we?

This steering wheel usually accompanied wood gear shift and wood parking brake lever (see picture above). If you’re interested to change interior of your Galant, this was great combination. Any true enthusiast would consider customizing their ride with something more befitting than the ordinary steering wheel, transforming the interior and bringing out the true character of the beast within.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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