Reducing Noise at High Speed

I have read tips from Galant Avanche Blog that I think really useful. I will do it my self, may be next Sunday. It’s about how to reduce the wind noise when we race at high speed, especially on the highway. He figures that the main suspect of this noise is the rubber door seals. Instead of buying the new replacement that really costly, he offers simple and cheap trick using aquarium silicon hose. With 5 meters of 4/6 mm silicon hose and lubricant spray, he puts the hoses into rubber seals of two front doors. Check out the pictures taken from the blog in the bottom or read directly from his blog for details. I will update with my own pictures as soon as I have done this. Enjoy.

Feb 03, 2012: Update

I couldn’t wait until Sunday and last night I decided to do the trick. I had to be hurry because I became a regular highway user since Cijago Highway(Depok) was opened.

Sorry, I can’t give new pictures as I promise before due to lack of light in the night. The price of hose is IDR 2,000/meter.

This morning, I tried to see the result of the trick. It’s amazing that the hissing wind was gone. The car was also more stable in high speed. I reached 180 km/hour almost effortless compare to before. Of course the noise wasn’t completely gone due to the tire tread pattern and car’s design but no more problem with the wind noise inside cabin. Considering about the effort and price, this was absolutely the best trick I ever did.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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