Replacing Windshield Wiper Blade

Many drivers will remember when the time to change engine’s oil, but not many will remember changing wiper blade. You know that you need ’em, you know that it’s cheap  and easy to install new wipers, but your windshield is still carrying those worn out, useless strips of rubber. There is one time we always remember to change our wipers – when it starts to rain.

That happened to me two days ago just exactly when I found my fog lamp switch was-once again-having problem. Yes, rain made me, finally, turn my fog lights on. The switch that I had just replaced couple months ago was sank into the hole. Because I had just from Mitra Depok Hospital, so I visited Lautan Berlian Depok on my way to office. I had to fixed the switch and also bought me a new pair of wiper blades. Before I told you story about blades, I thought that It’s important for all of you to know why my switch was sunk under. The answer was easy. Just like other plastic parts, they got old and easily broken. Ten years were enough to break all plastic in our dashboard. The switch was supposed to tie on its frame by bolts. The frame was made of plastic and couldn’t handle pressure anymore, especially when I switched the light off and on. Since I had to bought whole of frame and I believed that it ain’t cheap, I decided to let technician to repair it using glue. It was simple and cheap.

Back to main topic, I bought a pair of windshield blades for price of IDR 67,000 (MR275300) and IDR 83,500 (MR275313). The prices were different because both rubber blade was not similar. Right blade was shorter than left blade. If you were interested to change your windshield blade on your own, the steps were simple. Just searched tutorials on internet for reference. There were many of them with pictures and detail steps.

If you are not interested reading other car tutorial, I’ll give you some hints. Basically you just have to remove the blade from arm. Raise the arm and slide the blade from arm’s hook. Be careful with the metal arm and blade, or you could scratch or crack the windshield. Use fabric to wrap the arm’s hook and carefully put it down against windshield.

To remove old rubber was simple. First removed two thin metal on the left and right rubber using long nose pliers. After that, remove the rubber from it’s clip. To put new rubber blade, just repeat steps in reverse order. You may need lubricant to spray the thin metals before putting them back together. Remember to replace blades one by one to avoid scratches and other misplace parts.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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