Fog Lamp Switch Replacement

It had been a month since my fog lamp switch was broken. I didn’t have time to replace it until I found out that Lautan Berlian Depok was near Depok Mall. This was the closest Mitsubishi service center from my house. Yesterday, I decided to visit this service center and gave my car a 40 km (140,000 km actually) periodic maintenance service. I also requested fuel injector cleaning treatment, replaced broken fog lamp switch and installed my new VR-4’s strut bar. I had tested fuel consumption and ended up with ratio of 1:5. I thought a drop in fuel economy was caused by dirty fuel injector.

I think you don’t really want to know about periodic maintenance story — and I still don’t have report about recent fuel consumption ratio*, so I will only give you pictures of fog lamp switch replacement. After switch has been installed, I find out that left fog light bulb has to be replaced too.

Broken Switch due to the age

Replace by removing panel

Replacement fog lamp switch (MB869765)

Replacement fog light bulb (MS820964)

I still have to repaint rusty bar

Bulb (MS820964) IDR26,000
Switch (MB869765) IDR332,000

* Update:Nov 23, 2011
Today, I refill my gas using IDR50,000 of Pertamax Plus and the rest of Premium. I always refill a full tank of gas, after a half of tank usage. My current consumption ratio has increased into 1:6 based on trip meter and number of liters purchased. I will test again several times before conclude the final ratio.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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One Response to Fog Lamp Switch Replacement

  1. Alexander says:

    I have mmc galant 1.8 gdi. 4g93. What the engine in your car ? 6a13 not gdi, 200 hp ?

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