Timing belt replacement cost

For those of you who are planning to replace your timing belt, I give you cost estimation from Mitsubishi (based on my invoice). All parts are original and procedure based on their policy. Please consult Mitsubishi to inquiry any information related to parts replacement and procedure. I am not in the position that capable to inform you about these.

Part Name Part Number Qty Price (IDR) Total (IDR)
Oil Seal Camshaft* MD153103 2pc 73.500 147.000
Oil Seal, cranks* MD168055 1pc 61.500 61.500
Pulley, Valve Timing Belt Idler MD179597 1pc 370.000 370.000
V-Ribbed-Belt, A…. MD184973 1pc 33.500 33.500
Tensioner Belt MD308593 1pc 925.000 925.000
Pulley, T/Belt Tensioner MD316826 1pc 300.000 300.000
Belt, P/S MD317142 1pc 55.000 55.000
Belt, Valve Timing Belt MD319266 1pc 1.020.000 1.020.000
Service 425.000
Total 2.912.000
Total+VAT 3.203.200

* I’m not really sure these parts included because I also change oil for 5,000km, not just timing belt.

I hope this will help you. Some auto services will offer cheaper estimation due to parts replacement. Check out their list of replacement first, then you can consider your decision.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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3 Responses to Timing belt replacement cost

  1. Bertus Wijaya,98'Galant ST says:

    bro, mohon infonya, berhubung buku manual waktu kubeli ga ada, ganti timing belt ini tiap berapa kilo yah? trus apa mesti ganti semua part diatas.


    • hiumatic says:

      Dibuku manual jg gak ada. Mungkin dibuku service. Kebetulan gak tau persis berapa puluh ribu km harus ganti, tapi kalo emang pas beli gak ada tanda/stiker waktu penggantian, sebaiknya ganti aja daripada putus dijalan. Engine bisa rusak. Untuk part yang wajib ganti, sy gak bisa kasih keterangan karena gak tau persis fungsinya. Sebaiknya konsultasi saja langsung ke Bengkel Resmi.

  2. hiu_seceng says:

    om, ane tambahin dikit yah…
    untuk menjaga keamanan dan kesehatan, ada baiknya tiap 40.000 km melakukan penggantian timing belt. asumsinya, 40.000 km bisa 2 thn lebih kira2.
    semoga membantu.

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