New emblem and wheel cap disc

My wheels were custom except spare wheel. I got them from last owner. Some didn’t have cap disc. When I went to Mitsubishi, I saw Lancer or Grandis (I couldn’t remember which one) had three-diamond wheel cap disc.  I thought, why didn’t I replace mine with that. It would give me fresh look impression than bought new expensive wheels.

Three-diamond wheel cap disc OEM

I also gave some touch to my trunk. The idea was three diamond mark just above GALANT tag, like other cars had. Because the mark should match the surface, I took Pajero Sport OEM three diamond mark for my red hiumatic.

Three Diamond Mark

Where is my V6 engine sticker?

How about your engine guys? Did you lose your sticker like I do? Come on, this is really embarrassing. You can get new sticker like me for onlyIDR60,000 from Pelita Motor, Fatmawati. I don’t know if it’s OEM or not, but it does look like real.

The price for cap disc(MN103370) is IDR141,000 each and OEM three diamond mark (MR511958)is IDR161.000. Just information, I’ve already bought three diamond mark from Pelita Motor for the price of IDR65.000 that is too big in my opinion. I kept it for grill modification later.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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