Fuel pump trouble

Just a week after I took my hiumatic from Mitsubishi after motor fan replacement, I’d got another thing coming. This time my  hiumatic seemed lost his power and the engine almost off. Luckily I wasn’t far from home. So I drove her back to home and took public transportation. Technician from Mitsubishi  came but couldn’t find the reason why. Of course you couldn’t, since I knew he wasn’t really technician. Really strange to me that Mitsubishi sent someone like front officer which wasn’t capable of doing serious job. Mitsubishi had got a lot to fix in their service to survive against other like Toyota or Honda. It took three days to come, because they canceled the first appointment and then  said too busy at the other day so they couldn’t send  their man. After some of test drive, next day they came again to take the car. Why took two days? He claimed that he didn’t have a gut to drive and would bring another technician to drive tomorrow. But this time the car machine was totally off.

Later, I had to call derrick car to carry my hiumatic to service center only to find out that the reason was fuel pump!! They even took 3 days to diagnose the trouble there. It’s so sad Mitsubishi service was so poor. Enough with this unreliable service, let’s find out how much the cost of fuel pump. I didn’t remember exactly how much, but it was too expensive. So, I called Pelita motor which suggested me to replace some parts, not a whole fuel pump. I had to buy Fuel pump assy (MR135289), Filter- fuel pump (MR204495) and Fuel filter (MR212200) for price of IDR1,8million (MR135289 price was IDR1,4million and original). The worst part was, I had to rent a car on my sister’s wedding day.

Fuel pump assy (MR135289), Filter- fuel pump (MR204495) and Fuel filter (MR212200)

I do some search later and find out that actually you have to change Fuel filter (MR212200) regularly. Every six month if yours drinks premium, and once a year if it is pertamax (octane 92). This will prevent you from changing damage fuel pump which is more expensive or consume pertamax plus like suggested by manual book.

Two weeks after that, my hiumatic started knocking. I was so scared and bought fuel cleaner approx. IDR40,ooo and then mixed premium with pertamax plus. From now on, I always mix full tank premium with pertamax plus to avoid knocking.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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