Digital clock resolder

When I first bought my car, I didn’t notice that digital clock was sometimes on and off until it was completely off. With help from Ersan, now my digital clock is back to normal. He also shares his trick on mailing group and galant room. Just check out community page for link if you want to know the detail. Basically, you have to re-solder some components. That’s all.

Here are some pictures taken from galant room (courtesy of Ersan & and steps if you want to repair the clock by yourself:

a. Open digital clock by inserting the tip of screwdriver, don’t forget to wrap a piece of cloth in order to avoid scratch, at the edge of clock. A little push from glove box (you should remove it first and put your hand inside) will make it easier. This is little bit tricky because you have to be careful to avoid any broken part.

This is video how to open digital clock from dashboard but I don’t think I have a gut to do like this …

b. Release PCB from housing

c. Re-solder component. Our target is the two joints shown by balloons below. Remove old solder and re-solder again with new tin solder.

d. Put everything back in reverse order.

I am not responsible for any damages caused by this tip. Work at your own risk or consult someone with experience.


About hiumatic

I'm just driver of my galant matic in Jakarta, INDONESIA. I just want to share my experience about the car and how to survive the traffic
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8 Responses to Digital clock resolder

  1. Turboshaft says:

    nice tips bro..i also follow Galant Room at

  2. obi says:

    explanation isn’t completely clear..
    (kuran jelas yeuh penjelasnnya?)
    kumaha ateuh??

  3. obi says:

    pake bahasa indo aja ya sorry takut temen2 saya ga ngerti , he he
    bagian part PCB yang normal dan abnormal seperti apa?
    atau pisture before & after service seperti apa?
    and the last one & most important is, DOES IT WORKING?
    thanks before

    • hiumatic says:

      gak ada bedanya antara yang normal dan tidak normal. yang penting solder ulang aja dua titik yang sudah ditandai (buang timah lamanya).
      ada kemungkinan kualitas solderan bawaannya kurang bagus, jd seiring waktu jadi longgar atau tidak bisa mengalirkan arus. waktu jam saya rusak juga saya heran sendiri, kok gak keliatan rusaknya.sejak di solder (waktu itu oleh om ersan) sampai sekarang gak pernah ngadat lagi

  4. denny says:

    cara melepas/ copt jamnya bgmn bos?

  5. Rifqi says:

    Really nice tutorial. I’ve tried it. Its amazingly works.

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