Welcome home galanters!!

Welcome to my blog. Are you galant owner or looking for galant for your ride? I create this blog as a source of information for galant user. Most of the posts are from my experience, but might not be the best solution for the same trouble. This is just like a story, source of information but doesn’t mean the most suitable answer for your problem. Later, I want something more powerful like forum where we can share our knowledge and experience. A special forum for hiu and community to share same interest. Right now, this is the best I can do. So, for all galanters, welcome to my blog. Feel free to comment and criticize. The more we know, the more we love our car. And for galant hunter, don’t forget to pay visit on “How to buy” page. I write that to make sure you buy hiu and not other car. If you haven’t test galant yet, you can see lot of pictures on that page to help you understand how good the car is. Trust me it’s a beast. You’ll love it.


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Last Modification and Farewell

Finally, my journey with hiumatic had come to an end. After 5 years of wonderful stories together, I had to let it go. He deserved new owner who cared more than I did. In fact, I never really used this car for over seven months.

Before I sold this car, I made one last modification to rear view mirror. I bought rear camera and rear view mirror with monitor. By this last modification, I hoped the next owner wouldn’t replace his audio system with cheap monitor head unit made in China.

I also made a  simple promotional video. The idea was to give a closer look of hiumatic to the candidate owner about the car. The market of used car was very quiet during that time due to some recent issues. I put hiumatic on the market in the wrong time. The price was also fallen deep compare to mid 2014. So I needed new strategy to promote the car. In the end, this strategy wasn’t really working until I changed my tag price to market price. I had to.

This is it. This is farewell. I have sold the car yesterday and will not update this blog anymore. Thank you for all the visitors who shares stories with me and my hiumatic all these years. I will leave this blog like this and move to my new blog,  redlancerex.wordpress.com, the replacement of this Mitsubishi Galant ST. If you love hiumatic blog, I hope you enjoy my new blog. Goodbye.

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Red Dynamic Duo

It’d been a year since my last post, finally I met again with the real red galant. But remember, It’s manual transmission. He said that people often got confused with his car. They thought it was hiumatic. Sorry pal, I never meant to.

Well, I didn’t blame them. Judging by this low quality pictures (sorry, I didn’t bring my camera, so I used my phone camera), they were alike. Although the color of these cars were different, specially in a daylight– they were almost clones in the night. The wheels were different, but the fact that red color was rare made it easily confused.

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Roanne Red Mica Galant

Last week, I went to visit another Galant owner at Cibubur.  He owned show room for used car. I was there for another research, not for Galant, but for Lancer EX. I was tempted to replace my hiumatic with this smaller-and-newer Mitsubishi’s icon. I had to bury my dream of Mazda6 for a while because the road to my house wasn’t fit for bigger car than Galant.

I met another owner there and he owned red galant– the real red galant. This was rare moment, so I took liberty to shoot the color tag inside of the trunk. Although this was produced in 1998, everything seemed original and well-placed. I also found sticker on the windshield. I had never seen sticker like this before.

What do you think guys?

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In My Office

After long period of “no posting”, I decided to just share new pictures of my red hiumatic. Without washing my car, I took my digital camera and shot from above to reveal different angle of this beast. Enjoy.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100)

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Galant Facelift : Hiumatic Goes To Campus

Yesterday, I brought back my hiumatic for another photo session. This time, I visited my old campus to capture the recent changes on the car. After 3.5 years of riding galant, he deserved a facelift. Some minor changes actually or you could call it dress up because I didn’t replace the headlight, taillight, front bumper or rear bumper. I thought you might want to see how it looked like.

It’d been ages since I left this campus for the first time. The same year as the first time galant was launched in Indonesia. So I thought I could also share some photos of new buildings and  sceneries from and inside campus, together with my hiumatic. Young spirit of teenage and fresh look of my galant. I hoped you would love it like I did.

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Mazda6: My Dream Car Has Finally Arrived

Don’t get confused with the tittle above. There’s no Mazda6 parked in front of my house…yet. At least not for 2 or 3 months ahead, but I can’t guarantee after that I’m not tempted. This is a car that I’ve been waiting for so long to come up and replace my old hiumatic. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my hiumatic. It’s a perfect car with perfect price. It’s hard to compete with my hiumatic. But that’s not until All New Mazda6 was launched and tested by Autobild.

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AC Doesn’t Blow Cold Enough in The Middle of The Day

Have you ever experienced driving in Jakarta without AC in the middle of the day? Well, I have. Technically my AC was only working fine in the night but fail in the middle of the day. I didn’t know what’s wrong but to be honest, I had never checked or serviced my AC since I bought the car. And that was about 3,5 years ago.

So, I have my AC checked at Pawang AC, Duren Sawit (recommended by Mr. Yogi of GT Auto) and here are on the bill:

  1. Service blower + vacuum Freon oil IDR350,000
  2. Expansion IDR 250,000
  3. Dryer IDR 150,000

And now, driving in the middle of day becomes as fun as the night again.

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